Where does one begin when you want to know everything that is knowable?

In my previous, meaning first post, I mentioned that today I would outline the resources we will use to walk down the SQL Server path. Taking the walk and learning more about SQL Server is our goal, but even to take a walk you have to do some planning.  But how do you plan when you want to know everything that is knowable?  What  resources will we be using to guide us on this journey? 

Who we chose as our guide is determined by my choice of destination.  Our destination is really two-fold.  First, to know everything that is knowable about SQL Server.  Yeah, I know this isn’t really possible, but you understand my intent.  The second goal is to pass the MCM exam.  From what I have heard these two goals are one in the same.  Taking the MCM exam is like having to know everything that is knowable. For this journey we need a guide.  Who can serve as our guide through this process?

The www.sqlskills.com/MCM.asp and  Microsoft MCM Path  reading lists.  These lists are incredible places just to peruse, when I have free time, because they provide some basic structure to preparing for the MCM exam.  The reference links available through these reading lists are superb.

There is such a wealth on information available to help us take this stroll.  Blogs, books, videos, conferences, twitters, SQL Server itself, etc.  There are so many places to go to for information or even guidance.   I can’t even come close to listing all the different resources that I have encountered over the last few weeks.  How can you pick just a few when so many are worthy of recognition?  Well, this list is a work in progress but you have to start somewhere.  (Make sure you consistently check the Resource page for more links.)



  • SQL Server 2008 Internals by Kalen Delany,et al (meaning other DBA greats)
  • Excelptional DBA by Brad McGeHee
  • SQL Server Maintenance Plans by Brad McGeHee
  • Performance Tuning with SQL Dynamic Management Views by Louis Davidson and Tim Ford
  • Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 by Lynn Langit, et al.
  • DBA Best Practices by Brad McGeHee
  • SQL Server 2008 Books on Line
  • SQL Server MVP Deep Dives by Microsoft MVPs by the score
  • Microsoft Self-Paced Training Kit for Database Administrator 2008
  • Microsoft Self-Paced Training Kit for Database Developer 2008
  • plenty more to come


  • #sqlhelp  Use this twitter link when you have a problem and need some SQL Server help.
  • @sqlpass Want to find out what is happening at SQLPASS.  This is the link to use.
  • #sqlserver  Where do you go for general guidance for SQL Server.  This is the place.
  • more later as we discover more fellow travelers

And one more item that is just to broad and important to fit in any one category.

http://www.sqlpass.org/ Professional Association for SQL Server.  This is an incredible group of professional DBAs.  The best of the best DBAs live here.  You have been missing something very special is you haven’t attended the events offered by SQLPASS.   24 Hours of Pass, PASS SQL Rally, PASS Summit, Local Chapters, Virtual Chapters.  There is nothing better to help gain an in-depth exposure to SQL Server than SQL Pass.  The information and contacts you make will stand you in good stead in firefighting a crisis or avoiding it in the first place.

Not to shabby for a starter list.  Can you imagine what this list will look like when we are through?  This baby is gonna be one monster list.

Seems to me like we are ready for our journey.  Tomorrow we take our first step.  We begin for real!


About LearningSQL

I am a fellow traveler in the world of SQL Server. My goal with this blog is to detail my learning experiences as I prepare for the MCM exam. I hope to blog about my learing process and thus reinforce the knowledge I am gaining. I would be thrilled if any reader finds this blog useful. That would make this process even more beneficial. My primary goal is to document my own learnings and thus reinforce my studies as I prepare for the exam. The materials I study will cover the full spectrum of matierial. Novice to Expert. I will not intentionally duplicate any material I have learned. Any information I place in the blog will be reworded so to help me acquire the information and to protect the rights of those who have so graciously prepared the information I am studying, and hopefully learning.
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